Informal Letter Writing Format Topics and Examples

An informal letter is called Personal Letter that is exchanged between relatives, friends, and acquaintances. Letters of Invitation and replies to them may also be included in the category. Letters of condolence and replies to them also belong to the class.

Definition of Informal Letter

An informal letter is a type of written communication that is less formal and less structured than a formal letter. It is typically written to friends, family, or acquaintances and is used to communicate personal or casual information, such as greetings, updates, and news. Informal letters often have a friendly and conversational tone and may include informal language, abbreviations, and emojis.

Purpose of writing an Informal Letter

Our main objectives for writing informal letters are-

  • Catch up with someone
  • Describe an event
  • Discuss personal issues
  • Give advice
  • Express feelings
  • To appreciate, thank and apologize
  • Inform someone about something
  • Discuss topics of interest
  • Social informal invitation
  • Replies to invitations accepting or declining

Types of Informal Letter

Informal letters are social and friendly letters generally addressed to people who we know personally like family, friends, and relatives. These letters are written in a conversational and easy language.

This kind of letter is normally written to-

  • Family members
  • Relatives
  • Close friends and acquaintances

How an Informal Letter is written

Informal letters are naturally written in a simple and intimate way. It is written from one person to another, meant to be needed by him or her personally. Study the following tips on how to write an informal letter:

  • First, write the address of the writer above the left-hand corner of the page.
  • Write the date immediately after the address.
  • Write the customary greeting with which the sender starts the letter.
  • It contains all the information that the sender wants to share.
  • Then the letter ended with a complimentary closing.
  • After complimentary closing makes your signature and write your name.

Informal Letter Writing Format

The informal letter writing format is given below as per the description given under the “How an Informal letter writing is written” heading. Study the format to get a clear concept.

Informal Letter Writing Format Examples

Mode of Salutation and Subscription for Informal Letter

Letter toSalutationSubscription





My dear/Dear father,

My dear/Dear

My dear/Dear father,

My dear/Dear uncle/aunt,

My dear/Dear son/daughter,

My dear/Dear brother

My dear Sunil, Dear Sunil, My dear friend,
All the subscriptions mentioned in the right column suit the above Salutation.
When a letter is written to a friend or an intimate person any of the following subscriptions are used: 

Yours ever, Yours sincerely, Yours truly, Sincerely yours, Yours sincerely, Yours very sincerely, Very sincerely yours, Yours ever, Ever yours, Sincerely, 

N.B.- Also note that the following subscriptions are used in letters to relations and very intimate persons: 

 Yours lovingly, Lovingly yours, Affectionately yours, Yours affectionately, Yours ever, Ever yours, Your affectionate/loving friend, Yours, Your loving son/daughter/nephew/niece, Your affectionate son/daughter/nephew/niece,

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Informal Letter Topics and Examples

Important Informal letter writing topics along with examples are described in the following as there are found very common and set in different Exams.

Visit a Place of Historical Interest

10. Write a letter to your friend within 120 words telling him/her about “your visit to a place of Historical interest.”


N.D. Block, Bagnan,


Dear Sharmila,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I am writing to share my recent experience of visiting a place of historical interest. Last week, I had the opportunity to visit the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, and it was truly a remarkable experience. The Taj Mahal is an iconic monument and is considered one of the seven wonders of the world. The intricate architecture and breathtaking beauty of the monument left me in awe. It was fascinating to learn about the history and the love story behind the creation of the Taj Mahal. The guide shared some interesting facts and stories that made the visit even more enjoyable. I also had the opportunity to visit the Agra Fort, which has a rich history and is another significant monument in India. Overall, it was an unforgettable experience, and I would highly recommend visiting these historical sites if you get the chance.

Hope to catch up soon!

Best regards,
Sharmistha Maity

10. Write a letter to your friend telling him/her about “your visit to a place of Historical interest.” in 120 words

Benefits of Reading Story Books

9. Write a letter to your friend within 120 words about the benefits of reading story books.


Bachur Doba,


Dear Anish,

I hope this letter finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to share with you the benefits of reading storybooks. Reading storybooks is an incredible way to escape reality and immerse yourself in another world. It’s not only a great way to relax but also an excellent way to improve your mental health. Studies have shown that reading regularly can reduce stress levels, increase vocabulary, and even improve memory function. Additionally, reading storybooks can expand your imagination and creativity, and enhance your critical thinking skills. Reading books can help you develop empathy, allowing you to better understand and relate to others. It can also be an excellent way to bond with family and friends by discussing your favorite books together. So, if you’re not already an avid reader, I highly recommend picking up a book and getting lost in the pages. You’ll be amazed at the benefits it can bring to your life.

Best regards,
Sayan Samanta

Visiting a Wildlife sanctuary.

8. Write a letter to your friend within 100 words narrating your experience of visiting a Wildlife sanctuary.


Big Town, Kachimpur

My dear friend,

Hope you are well by the grace of God. Today I shall share with you my experience of visiting a wildlife sanctuary. I wish my parents went to Jaldapara wildlife sanctuary. In amazing stillness, I saw wild elephants, rhinoceroses, deer, and monkeys. Many birds were chirping in the tree. It was a thrilling experience for me. Sometimes I feared a tiger might come at any time. After a while, our Jeep stood still. My heart was beating fast, and I saw a herd of elephant roaming silently, I had mixed feelings of joy and fear. I understand animals and birds are really wonders of Nature. I shall never forget such a wonderful experience. With respect to your parents and love to you,

Yours ever,

Visit the Public Library

7. Write a letter to your friend advising him or her to visit the Public Library in her or his locality as frequently as possible.


Alok Dam
C/O Aviraj Dam
Vill- Keshapat
P.O Dehati
110.Sreeram Street

Dear Rajeeb,

I received your letter yesterday. I’ve become very glad that you have written me a letter. But at the same time, I feel also very sad when I come to know that your result does not meet your expectations. You have always told me that you cannot do well in the subjects due to insufficient reference books and other guidance. Today I’ve got an idea to make you overcome this difficult situation. You know that there is a library in our area and I go there at least 4 or 5 days a week in the evening. I’ve got plenty of opportunities to read different reference books going to the library and also come across different newspapers there.

I think you should also go to the library frequently. I know that the library is far away from your house. Still, you should try to reach there and take a membership of that library and you will get benefited. There you can get different reference books which will meet your requirement for doing good results in the next exam. You will also get their variety of books to enrich your knowledge. If you want you can also study there sitting in a calm atmosphere. So there are so many facilities to go to the library frequently.

Moreover, you can get knowledge of everyday life from different newspapers there.I think you must abide by my advice and I can assure you this will help you a lot.

No more today when we will meet.

Yours ever,
Sujoy Jana

Consoling ailing friend

6. One of your neighbors Mr. Manish has met with an accident and has been hospitalized for some days. Write a letter to him telling him about how his family reacted to the news. Assure him that he needs not worry at all and that your family will always help them during such times. You are Roan Mehta, living in Paschim Vihar, New Delhi.


42, Paschim Vihar
New Delhi
12th April 2020

Dear Manish Uncle,

Hope you are feeling better now. Through this letter, I really wish to tell you that you do not need to worry about anything. I along with my family will take care of everything. But first, you must know what happened to your family after knowing about your accident. Your family was under stress as they heard the news. Your parents cried a lot about your condition. It was very hard to console your parents and sister but still, we were able to do so. All the time we prayed to the Almighty for your long life.

When the doctor came with good news about your survival, a sigh of relief was felt on everybody’s face. He informed us that you will need to stay in the hospital for a full recovery. Now you need to focus on full recovery. We are there by your and your family all the time. So, do not worry about them.

I hope that your conditions are far better when you receive this letter. Please take care of yourself now. Get well soon. Blessed with pink in health.

Your friend,
Roan Mehta

About your Hostel Life

5. You had shifted into a new hostel building for your school in Rohtak. Write a letter to your parents telling them about your life in the new hostel in 150-200 words.


Alberta hostel,
Albert Convent School
2nd May 2020

Dearest Mom and Dad,

I received your letter this morning. I am glad that everyone is doing well, and grandma is recovering I am well here too. Till now, my experience in the new hostel has been satisfactory. The kitchen is open for all of us, but we can only cook under the hostel-in-charge’s guidance. Initially, I was a little scared, but soon my fear was gone as I found myself around lovely friends Almost every student in the hostel is friends which each other. In fact, the hostel-in-charge is also very friendly. Whenever we want to cook something, she is always there to help us. There is a cook, but most of the time, she is helping us in making what we want to eat. The hostel also has a big theatre room, where we all can watch movies or series for 1 hour daily.

This hostel even has a library where all of us sit together and study. Even though all the students belong to different parts of India and have different cultures, we all live like a family. This atmosphere is very comforting and always reminds me of home. I miss all of you and hope to see you soon in the upcoming vacations.

Your daughter,

Describing a Picnic

4. Imagine that you are Ashok, living in Pune. You have received a letter from a friend who has asked you to describe the picnic you recently enjoyed in the company of your friends. Write a letter in reply in 150-200 words.


8 Mahatma Gandhi Marg
April 10th, 2020

My dear Raman,

I thank you for your letter that reached me on March 20th. I was pleased to leam that you are well and were enjoying your holidays. Last Sunday, we had a picnic on the bank of the river. The day after the summer vacations started my hands Teeny and Satish and I, along with our parents started off in our car in high spirits, with our baskets and fruits and sandwiches in about half an hour we reached the river. We took a boat and rowed down the river. As,w e had no idea how splendid the river looks at this time of the year. We were so engrossed in the beauty surrounding the river that we did not realize that we had approached the bridge. Satish made juice while I buttered the cakes. We all drank cups of tea and greedily ate cake, biscuits, pastries, and sandwiches.

These were followed by bananas by my mother Then we lay down on the grass and played games. In the afternoon, we swam about in the safety zone of the river under our parents’ guidance.

At sunset we returned home, having spent a very enjoyable day.

Yours sincerely,

Forbidding rampant use of mobile phone

3. Write a letter to your friend forbidding him/her to make rampant use of mobile phones on the way and requesting him/her to follow some suggestions.


Dist. Jalpaiguri
09 July, 2015

Dear Soumyajit,

I have often seen you, your brother, and your sister, are running helter and smelter always with the mobile fixed on either ear. You are talking and talking without seeing or hearing anything. You are courting your death thus! Do you know this? Pay ears to hear. I suggest you switch off your cell phone. Let me say why. How can you get over a road accident while going your way in the face of a cab, a bus, or a train? Nor can you use it while on a scooter. It is equally risky. Don’t use it while on a crowded bus. You will give an advantage to the pickpockets with this move. If you keep it in your breast pocket harum-scarum it will invite health hazards.

You should be aware of these before using a mobile phone. Accidental death or at least injury is lying in wait if you mistake slightly. Beware of this.

Your friend,

Encouraging to recover from illness

2. Write a letter to your friend who is recovering from a protracted illness encouraging him/her with plans of a weeklong tour together.


Vill+P.O. : Nabagram
Dist. Murshidabad
25 March 2015

My Dear Shalini,

But for the good grace of God, you have come round from malignant malaria. I know that after two long months, He has removed the mighty cloak from your head! I am happy that you are on the way to recovery. But I would be happier if you follow my advice for bed rest and relaxation. I enclose hereto a diet chart prepared by a dietician expecting a full recovery that will take a few more days. Don’t forget to sleep inside a mosquito net. Jamuria Municipality is perhaps far from fighting mosquitoes. If you think of keeping fit you may be involved in meditation, pranayam’ and ‘yogaas’.

When you can move your body freely and easily you will attend to your daily chores. Until you become strong and healthy, please think and rethink agreeing to visit some health resort, i.e. my happy home. You will eat and drink everything fresh and healthful.

Your parents will not, I hope, balk at the idea. No more today. More when we meet.

Yours ever

How to spend spare time

1. Write a letter to your younger brother with a few tips on how to spend his spare time.


2 Vidyasagar Street
05 July 2015

My Dear Anuj,

It is heard that time hangs heavy on you. Is it so? Are you a student? Have you no pastime? Then a few tips may be suggested. When is your spare time-morning or afternoon or both? In the morning soon after breakfast, you may practice classical music lessons for thirty minutes or an hour. You have a melodious voice for Tagore’s song or Nazrul’s song. You will cut a merry figure in a few days. If you have time in the afternoon, you should read novels, short stories, dramas, essays, etc. Or you may take up painting as a hobby. You can shine in this arena. If you belong to this or that institution it will provide you with someday. Even you can walk for pleasure or take up cycling. You will decide which one suits you best.

I think the tips are enough for you. Please let me know what your choice is.

Yours sincerely,