Sample Question Paper for Class 6 CBSE English Grammar

Are you a student preparing for your Class 6 CBSE English Grammar exam? It’s important to have a clear understanding of the exam pattern and the type of questions that might appear.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive sample question paper designed to help you ace your English Grammar exam. Let’s dive in and explore the various sections and question types that you might encounter.

A. Change the sentences as instructed. [5✖1=5]

1. Are the children tired? (Change to declarative.)

2. Do cheetahs run fast? (Change to exclamatory.)

3. Can you pick me up at 10 o’clock? (Change to declarative.)

4. Does his mother bake delicious cakes? (Change to declarative.)

5. How awful the weather is! (Change to declarative)

B. Underline the subject in each of these sentences.[5✖1=5]

1. Look at the cuckoo on that tree.

2. It was a funny joke.

3. Mix the butter and the sugar first.

4. It has been very damp and dark since morning.

5. One of my hobbies is bird-watching.

C. Rewrite each of these sentences after changing the number of the highlighted nouns. Make other necessary changes. [5✖1=5]

1. The fox attacked the deer.

2. I had my tooth crowned.

3. This man is from Argentina.

4. Keep the book on the shelf.

5. The monkey ate the banana.

D. Identify the nouns in the nominative case and the objective case. [5✖1=5]

1. The king built a palace.

2. They have adopted a dog.

3. My mother sewed a dress.

4. We visited our grandparents.

5. He kept the book on the table,

E. Correct the errors and rewrite the sentences in your notebook. [5✖1=5]

1. I am going to buy some new furnitures.

2. Ask your parents’ advices.

3. Sheeps are grazing in the fields.

4. I saw it on the newes,

5. They had good weathers on their trip.

F. Write the plural forms of these nouns. [5✖1=5]

1. stimulus

2. cactus

5. Phenomenon

4. vertebra

5. analysis

G. Change the degree of comparison of adjectives in these sentences without changing their meaning. [5✖1=5]

1. Abhay is stronger than most boys in the class. [Change using the superlative degree]

2. Ashoka was one of the greatest kings of India. [Change using the comparative degree]

3. Very few cities of India are as hot as Jaisalmer [Change using the superlative degree]

4. Kabuliwala’ by Tagore is more interesting than most other stories. [Change using the superlative degree]

5. The Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful monuments of India. [Change using the comparative degree]

H. Identify the adjectives and state their kind. [5✖1=5]

1. Today is a beautiful day.

2. The weather is cool and pleasant.

3. She did not clear the final test.

4. Earlier films used to be silent.

5. Rahim slept all day long.

I. Change the sentences as instructed. [5✖1=5]

1. She tried to remain calm. (simple present, negative)

2. I hear somebody calling. (simple past, interrogative)

3. You smell like roses. (simple present, negative)

4. He took a sip from the glass. (simple future, negative)

5. She dresses for hot weather. (simple past, wh question with why)

J. Identify the error in the following sentences. Rewrite the correct word in the given blank. [5✖1=5]

1. The food taste delicious.

2. Charu know Abha.

3. This fabric feel rough.

4. I doesn’t eat junk food.

5. My mother work till 5:30 p.m.

K. Correct the errors and rewrite these sentences.[5✖1=5]

1. Rita and her cousins was playing in the garden.

2. The class are going for a picnic to Lal Bagh.

3. The cows is grazing on the fields.

4. There were a thief in the room.

5. The white shirt and the trousers was dirty.