CBSE Class 7 English Grammar Test with Answers

Start practicing for the CBSE Class 7 English Grammar Test now to enhance your language skills. The test is designed to align perfectly with the curriculum and covers various grammar concepts.

Answer each question with confidence and benefit from the clear explanations provided for each answer. Maximize your proficiency and reinforce your understanding of English grammar by taking this comprehensive test.

Clas VII F.M.- 30 TIME – 1 Hr

1. Complete the paragraph given below by filling in each of the blanks with the help of a suitable option. (1×6=6Marks)

On (i) __________the noise, some other women and children (ii) ____________the locality reached (iii)_____________. They tried to stop the quarrel but it (iv) _____________all in vain. The two mothers (v) ____________came to blows. At last (vi)___________people called the police to sort out the matter. 

(i)  (a) hear (b) hearing (c) heard (d) was hearing

(ii) (a) for (b) of (c) in (d) at

(iii) (a) their (b) there (c) here (d) afar

(iv) (a) is (b) are (c) was (d) were

(v) (a) utmost (b) almost (c) always (d) ever

(vi) (a) a (b) an (c) the (d) some

2. Use should/must/ought to appropriately in the following sentences. (1×4=4 Marks)

(i) You___________do what the teacher tells you.

(ii) People who live in glass houses __________not throw stones.

(iii) You _______________be ashamed of yourself having made such a remark.

(iv) You ______________wipe your feet before coming into the house, especially during the rains.

3.  Rearrange the following to form meaningful sentences. (1×6=6 Marks)

(i) revolves/the/earth/sun/around/the

(ii) baked/delicious/on/a/my/cake/birthday/sister/my

(iii) black/cotton/well/soil/grows/in

(iv) below/years/children/not allowed/eight/are

(v) was/clever/Birbal/extremely/witty/and

(vi) hit/he/the ball/so hard/lost/it/was/that

(vii) an/man/old/in/Almora/lived

4. Make prefix adding ‘in’ or ‘im’ in the following words- 1×4=4

a. possible b. competent c. active d. patient 

5. Use ‘a’/’an’/’the’ appropriately. 1×4=4

a. My neighbour is moving into _____ new house next month.

b. He is taking some furtinure from ____ old house and also buying some new furtinure because _____new house is bigger than ____ old house. 

6. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb from the given options. (3)

a. The Sun _ (rise/ rises/ rose) in the east and___ (set/ sets/ has set) in the west .
b. Neha _ (go/goes/has gone) to the temple everyday . c. God _ (help/helps/helped) those who (help/helps/helped) themselves . d. We __ (take/ takes/ taken) our lunch at 2 PM everyday.

7. Fill in the blanks using the correct word from the given options. (3)

Yesterday, I went to Monu’s house. I was (a) ………………….. by his parents. I was (b) …………………………… a warm welcome. Monu showed me a lot of things. I (c) ……………………….. in their family library. I was shown three books.

(a) invited/were invited/was invited/had invited
(b) given/gave/give/be given
(c) interested/ was interested/had interested/take interested.