Answers Key of all Nouns Worksheets for Class 6

Unlock the Answers key to all Nouns Worksheets for Class 6 with our comprehensive Answers Key. Access answers for practice worksheets and online grammar test answers to enhance your proficiency effortlessly.

Answers Key of all Nouns Worksheets

Answers Key

Ans 1. (a) Rogery, (b) Poverty, (c) Tyranny, (d) Wisdom, (e) Adulthood, (f) Slavery, (g) Strength, (h) Darkness, (i) Childhood, (j) Villainy, (k) Youth, (l) Old age.

Ans 2:

Proper NounCommon NounProper NounCommon Noun
Qutub MinartableTaj Mahalcat
SachincountryThe Hindustan timescity
Laxmi NagarriverIndia

Ans 3. (a) The Taj Mahal – Proper Noun, Building – Common Noun

(b) Music Abstract Noun, Passion- Abstract Noun

(c) Julius Caesar – Proper Noun, Bravery Abstract Noun

(d) Brother Common Noun, Gambling- Abstract Noun

(e) Kalidas-Proper Noun, Poet – Common Noun

(f) Kindness – Abstract Noun, Virtue – Abstract Noun

(g) Thrist-Abstract Noun, Learning-Abstract Noun

(h) Dozen-Collective Noun, Pencils-Common Noun

(i) Childhood – Abstract Noun, Poverty Abstract Noun

(j) Crowd-Collective Noun, Stones Material Noun

Ans 4. (a) Jury, (b) mob, (c) army, (f) crew, (g) flock, (h) bundle, (d) bouquet, (i) herd, (e) team, (j) school

Ans 5. (a) Cruelty-Abstract Noun

(b) Ship Common Noun

(c) The Gita – Proper Noun

(d) Dog-Common Noun

(e) Darkness-Abstract Noun

(f) Table Common Noun

(g) Team-Collective Noun

(h) Honour-Abstract Noun

(i)Jury-Collective Noun

(j) Obedience – Abstract Noun

(k)Delhi – Proper Noun

(l) Honesty – Abstract Noun.

Ans 6. (a) honesty

(b) creativity

(c) kindness

(d) sincerity

(e) cruelty

(f) cheerfulness

(g) calmness

(h) bitterness

(i) sadness

(j) sensitivity

(k) activity

(l) greatness.

Ans 7. 

a. childhood – Abstract Noun

b. Punjab – Proper Noun

c. The Taj Mahal – Proper Noun

d. set of tools – Collective Noun

e. dishonesty – Abstract Noun

f. London – Proper Noun

g. Monday – Proper Noun

h. diary – Common Noun

i. row of trees – Collective Noun

j. Station – Common Noun

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Answers Key of all Nouns Worksheets: Common and Proper Nouns Worksheets

Answer 1:

a. Proper noun(s): John, Paris

c. Proper noun(s): Titanic

d. Proper noun(s): Disneyland

e. Proper noun(s): Mount Everest

f. Proper nouns: Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor

g. Proper nouns: Alice, Eiffel Tower, Paris

h. Proper nouns: Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

i. Proper nouns: Nile River, Africa

j. Proper nouns: Harry Potter, Philosopher’s Stone

k. Proper nouns: Tokyo

l. Proper nouns: Great Wall of China

m. Proper nouns: Mona Lisa

n. Proper nouns: Amazon rainforest

Answer Key 2

a. Rome

b. William Shakespeare

c. China

d. Hawaii

e. Jupiter

f. Golden Gate

g. Paris

h. Canberra

i. Asia

j. Neil Armstrong

Answers 3:

1. The Statue of Liberty is located in the United States.

2. Shakespeare wrote many plays.

3. Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world.

4. Brazil is the largest country in South America.

5. Mona Lisa is a famous painting created by Leonardo da Vinci.

Answers 4:

a. Amazon – A large river in South America

b. Harry Potter – The protagonist of a popular book series by J.K. Rowling

c. The White House – Official residence and workplace of the President of the United States

d. Mount Everest – The tallest mountain in the world

e. Taj Mahal – UNESCO World Heritage Site in India

f. Mona Lisa –  Famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci

g. Sydney Opera House – Iconic performing arts venue in Australia

h. Statue of Liberty – Symbol of freedom and democracy in the United States

i. Great Wall of China – Ancient fortification in China

j. Leonardo da Vinci – Renowned Italian polymath and artist

k. Paris – Capital city of France

l. London – l. Capital city of England

m. New York City – m. Major city in the United States known for its skyscrapers and cultural diversity

n. Egypt – n. Country in North Africa known for its ancient civilization

o. Tokyo – o. Capital city of Japan

p. Vatican City – p. Smallest independent state in the world

q. Machu Picchu – q. Ancient Incan city in Peru

r. Eiffel Tower – r. Iconic landmark in Paris, France

s. Niagara Falls – s. Famous waterfall on the border between the United States and Canada

t. Hollywood – t. Neighborhood in Los Angeles known for the film industry

Answer 5:

Category: Persons:

William Shakespeare

Leonardo da Vinci

Barack Obama

Marie Curie

Category: Places





Category: Things

Statue of Liberty

Great Wall of China

Eiffel Tower

Machu Picchu

Taj Mahal

Mt. Everset

Answers 6:

1. Common nouns: dog, cat, tree

2. Common nouns: sister, books, bedtime

3. Common nouns: sun, sky

4. Common nouns: beach, sandcastles

5. Common nouns: milk, bread, store

Answers 7: 

a. Answer: Water

b. Answer: Chairs

c. Answer: Hockey

d. Answer: Cakes

e. Answer: Food

f. Answer: Flowers

g. Answer: Rocks

h. Answer: Bus

i. Answer: Words

Answers 8:

Dog – Animals

Chair – Furniture

River – Bodies of water

School – Institutions

Car – Vehicles

Book – Objects

Tree – Plants

Table – Furniture

Beach – Landforms

Sun – Celestial bodies

Answers 9: 

a. Proper noun: Empire State Building, Common noun: city

b. Proper noun: Sarah, Common noun: friend, tennis, weekends

c. Proper noun: Atlantic Ocean, Common noun: ocean, world

d.Common noun: book, bookstore

e. Proper noun: Mount Kilimanjaro, Common noun: mountain, Africa

Answers 10:

Proper nouns: Statue of Liberty, Mountains, New York City, Sarah

Common nouns: Friend, Bookshop, Sun, Tennis, Grass, Water

Common and Proper Nouns Worksheets

Answers Key of all Nouns Worksheets: Singular and Plural Worksheets for Class 6

Answer 1

a. Wolves

b. Oxen

c. Donkeys

d. Ourselves

e. Toys

f. Deer (same for plural)

g. Horses

h. Lice

i. Matches

j. Lorries

k. Salesmen

l. Selves

m. Men

n. Lives

o. Thieves

p. Stories

q. Chiefs

r. Children

s. Fish (same for plural)

t. Photos

u. Crises

v. Stones

w. Secretaries

x. Boxes

y. Berries

z. Feet

Answer 2

a. Day

b. Loaf

c. Goose

d. Dwarf

e. City

f. Furniture (same for singular)

g. Knife

h. Wife (same for singular)

i. Half

j. Daisy

k. Enemy

Answer 3

a. mice

b. media

c. geese

d. deer

e. stars

f. line

g. women

h. feet

i. columns

j. copies

k. thieves

l. soldier

m. nuclei


o. inkpots

p. barracks

q. knife

r. sheep

s. headquarters

t. minutes

u. radios

v. leaves

w. focuses

x. syllabi

y. mangoes

z. sticks

aa. churches

ab. lice

ac. enemies

Answer 4

a. I have been to several cities.

b. He wore his old trousers to school.

c. These chocolates are mine.

d. You cannot neglect your studies.

e. He held the burning coal with the help of tongs.

f. A pack of wolves attacked the hunter.

g. I have seen many children.

h. All the knives are blunt.

i. The police were able to arrest the thief.

j. The cowboy was grazing oxen in the nearby field.

Answer 5

a. The girl is dancing.

b. I have a manservant.

c. The mosquitoes are ugly insects.

d. That boys can sing. (Assuming there is more than one boy)

e. The policemen ran after the thief.

f. The woman is watching TV.

g. The rat looks cute. (Assuming there is only one rat)

h. How high are the birds flying?

i. My sons-in-law are coming.

j. The carpenter made much furniture.

Answer 6

a. Elephants are grey-skinned.

b. Grandmother lost many tooth.

c. Mosquitoes have six legs.

d. Our city is not so clean.

e. She takes care of the baby.

f. The actors are always well-dressed.

g. The leaves are beautiful.

h. The oxen are ploughing the land.

i. She has many colourful hat.

j. How high are the birds flying?

k. The women are watching TV.

l. The cup is empty.

m. The calves are in the field.

n. He saw many deer.

o. The girls are beautiful.

Answer 7

a. Child is playing.

b. The doors are closed.

c. I bought kilos of sugar.

d. I cannot live without water.

e. Tigers were caught in a storm.

f. He looked at the star in wonder.

g. Milks are good for health.

h. Tree is our best friends.

i. When he feels thirsty, he drinks waters.

j. Keep the books there.

k. The girls are going to the shop.

l. The dresses are beautiful.

m. He flew big kites.

n. He bought umbrellas.

o. The rats look cute.

p. She has done her hairs with a red clip.

q. I bought bunches of grapes from the market.

r. The kings are traveling with their courtiers.

s. Add some salts to make it tasty.

t. Student must read storybook.

u. She has a beautiful hair.

v. The Deserts are full of sand.

w. I have enough moneys to buy toffees.

y. I can see a bird on the tree.

Singular and Plural Worksheets for Class 6