Class 6 Free Noun Worksheets for Practice

Class 6 Free Noun Worksheets for Practice are a set of educational resources designed to help sixth-grade students strengthen their understanding of nouns. These worksheets feature a variety of exercises that include identifying, categorizing, and using both proper and common nouns in sentences.

Class 6 Free Noun Worksheets: Types of Noun

A noun is a word that tells the name of a person, place, or thing

Nouns have some kinds which are:

  1. Proper Noun
  2. Common Noun
  3. Collective Noun
  4. Abstract Noun
  5. Material Noun

Proper Noun

A proper noun is a noun that gives a name to a particular place, person, or thing to differentiate it from the others of its class.


(i) Rohan lives in Agra.

(ii) The Taj Mahal is made of white marble.

Common Noun:

A common noun is a noun that names a person, place, or thing of whose kind there are many others.


(i)The Lion is roaring

(ii) The farmer is ploughing his field.

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Collective Noun

A collective noun is a noun that names a group or a collection of persons, animals, or things as a complete group as a whole.


(i) My class is going for a picnic.

(ii) The army is on the march.

Abstract Noun

An abstract noun is a noun that names a feeling, or a quality.


(i) There was a robbery in the bank.

(ii)  We must respect our teachers.

Material Noun

A material noun is a noun that names a substance or a material from which things are made.


(i) This bangle is made of gold.

(ii) Sugar is made from sugarcane juice.

Noun Worksheets for Practice 1

1. Change the following Common Nouns into Abstract Nouns: (1 mark each)

(a) Rogue, (b) Poor, (c) Tyrant, (d) Wise, (e) Adult, (f) Slave, (g) Strong, (h) Dark, (i) Child, (j) Villain, (k) Young, (l) Old

Noun Worksheets for Practice 2

2. Arrange the following words under the headings Proper Nouns and Common Nouns. Begin the proper nouns with a capital letter. (1 mark each)

(a) qutub minar, (b) mumbai, (c) church, (d) dog, (e) laxmi nagar, (f) table, (g) kaveri, (h) holi, (i) amit, (j) india, (k) cat, (l) krishna, (m) june, (n) sachin, (o), school, (p) tajmahal, (q) temple, (r) book

Noun Worksheets for Practice 3

3. Pick out the nouns in the following sentences and also tell whether they are Proper, Common, Collective, or Abstract.

(a) The Taj Mahal is a magnificent building. 

(b) Music is his passion.

(c) Julius Caesar is renowned for his bravery.

(d) His brother is addicted to gambling.

(e) Kalidas was a great poet.

(f) Kindness is a noble human virtue.

(g) He has great thirst for learning.

(h) I gave him two dozen pencils.

(i) He spent his childhood in poverty.

(i) The crowd was pelting stones.

Noun Worksheets for Practice 4

4. Put these Collective Nouns in the blanks given below: (1 mark each)

army, crew, flock, jury, mob, bundle, herd, shoal, team, bouquet

(a) The ………….. declared the prisoner guilty.

(b) I saw a …………..of people on the road.

(c) The of soldiers is fighting bravely.

(d) My friend gave me a …………..of flowers on my birthday.

(e) Our …………..performed well in the cricket ground.

(f) The ship set off with a …………..of a few sailors,

(K) I saw a …………..of sheep in the field.

(h) It is difficult to break a …………..of sticks.

(i) A …………..of cattle was grazing in the field.

(i) The fishermen caught a …………..of fish.

Noun Worksheets for Practice 5

5. Say whether the Nouns mentioned below are Proper, Common, Collective or Abstract :(I mark each)

(a) Cruelty, (b) Ship, (c) The Gita, (d) Dog, (e) Darkness, (f) Table, (g) Team, (h) Honour, (i) Jury, (j) Obedience, (k) Delhi, (l) Honesty

Noun Worksheets for Practice 6

6. Make abstract nouns from the words given below by adding ‘-ness’ or ‘-ity’. (For some words we need to add just- ty, or -y.) (1 mark each)

(a) honest.

(b) creative.

(c) kind

(d) sincere.

(e) cruel

(f) cheerful.

(g) calm

(h) bitter.

(i) sad

(j) sensitive.

(k) active

(l) great.

Noun Worksheets for Practice 7

7. In the following sentences state the kind of nouns the underlined words are.

a. I remember my childhood days.

b. Yuvraj is the Sourav of Punjab.

c. The Taj Mahal is a famous monument. Am

d. I gifted him a set of tools.

e. He was disliked by all for his dishonesty. 

f. He lives in London.

g. I shall go on Monday.

h. Anne Frank used to write a diary.

i. He planted a row of trees in his garden. Am

j. At the station, the goods were unloaded from the train.

Get all the above answers