Class 10 Writing Skill Questions for Practice

Class 10 Writing Skill Questions is a type of Exam Practice Test. Every question carries 10 marks in the Class 10 Writing Skill Questions for Practice.

Class 10 Writing Skill Test

Time – 1.5 hrs; F.M – 60

Question 1

1. Write a letter in about 100 words to your younger brother about the Usefulness of Early Rising and Morning Walk’.

Points: Introduction – a healthy habit-a good start for the whole day’s work -greater and closer contact with nature-independent exercise – conclusion.

Question 2

2. Write a paragraph (in about 100 words) about Kanyashree. You may use the following points:

Hints: Introduction-beneficiaries–two parts of the scheme-effectiveness.

Question 3

3. Write a paragraph (in about 100 words) about Mahasweta Devi. You may use the following hints.

Hints: Born – 14.01.1926, Dhaka, Bangladesh; Parents – Manish Ghatak, well known poet and novelist, Dharitri Devi, writer and social worker; Education-Santiniketan, graduated from University of Calcutta, M.A. from Biswa Bharati University; Taught – Bijoygar College (1964); wrote 100 novels and over 20 collections of short stories; wrote Jhansir Rani, Hajar Churashir Maa, Rudali, and Aranyer Adhikar; wrote for the rights and empowerment of the tribal Lodha and Shabar people of West Bengal, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh; took part in Singur and Nandigram movements; Won – Sahitya Akademi Award, Jnanpith Award and Ramon Magsaysay Award along with India’s civilian awards Padma Shri and Padma Vibhushan; Died – 23 July, 2016.

Question 4

4. Study the flow-chart and describe how school magazine is published:

Serving notice → collecting articles from students and teachers-screening → sending to press → proof correction → final printing → ready for sending to press → ready for distribution.

Question 5

5. Write a newspaper report on a road accident within 100 words. Use the following hints :

Hints: brake failure of a bus-collided with a truck – 5 injured including a child and a woman – injured sent to hospital – released with first aid – traffic disrupted – police intervened – normalcy restored.

Question 6

6. Suppose a teacher at your school is going to retire very soon. Now write a notice as the secretary of the cultural committee informing the students of a farewell meeting in his honor.