Class 10 English Grammar Questions 2024

Class 10 English Grammar Questions for 2024 have been prepared for practice and it is important for the students of class 10.  

Those who are willing to give a test for the Class 10 English Grammar Questions 2024, can attend it. Answers will also be provided after.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositions. [1×9=9]

1.  __________ students from __________ neighboring school are going  __________ an excursion to Darjeeling __________their teachers.

2. Lepchajagat is __________ most exquisite place in the western part __________ Darjeeling hills. It offers __________ unique experience __________ nature lovers with its alpine scenario and magnificent view of Kanchenjunga.

3. __________ tigress captured in the Sundarbans __________ May 10 had to be brought to __________ Alipore Veterinary Hospital __________ treatment.

Fill in the blanks with the proper form of verbs. [1×9=9]

1. At least 36 passengers of a bus __________  (belonging/belong/belonged) to North Bengal State Transport Corporation __________  (was drowning/drowned/has been drowned) after it __________  (loses/was lost/had lost) control and crashed into the concrete railings of a bridge.

2. Till yesterday I never  __________   (refuse/refused/have refused) him anything. Last evening when he came to me to borrow my brown coat, I  __________  (sleep/am sleeping/was sleeping). My mother told him to wait for some time. He  __________   (loses/has lost/lost) his temper and went away.

3. At the end of every English text, there is a list of words __________  (give) in __________   (alphabet) order for __________   (refer) and __________  (revise).

Do as Directed [1×23=23]

Do as Directed set 1

1. ‘What is your problem?’, said the doctor to the patient. [Change the mode of narration]

2. Do or die. [ Make it simple

3. Who does not love his parents? [Make it assertive]

4. He was sorry that he was late. [Turn into a simple sentence]

5. The time of his arrival is uncertain. [ Rewrite the sentence using the verb form of the underlined word]

6. We saw a stream running through the forest. [Make it complex]

7. Death is peaceful. [Make it interrogative]

8. She offered me tea but I asked for a glass of water. [Make it complex]

9. Only adults can attend the show. [Make it Negative]

10. Vivekananda did not live long. [Make it affirmative]

11. Carrot is a vegetable that provides Vitamin A to our body. [Make it simple]

12. Tell me what your name is. [Turn into a simple sentence]

13. What she stated was true. [ Rewrite using the noun form of the underlined word]

Do as Directed set 2

1. Srija is proud of her beauty. [ Rewrite using the noun form of the underlined word]

2. That kind of joke amuses me. [ Rewrite using the noun form of the underlined word]

3. We took the shortest route. [ Make it complex]

4. The news is so good that it can not be true. [Make it affirmative]

5. It is time to chop the vegetables. [ Change the voice]

6. ‘Climb up! little boy.’ said the tree. [ Change the mode of narration]

7. Though he is rich, he did not help me. [ Split into simple sentences]

8. It was raining. The children could not go out to play. [ Join into a complex sentence]

9. She is not honest. She is not brave. [ Use ‘neither..nor and rewrite]

10. Have you met your brother? He is an M.A in English [ Join into single sentence]

Phrasal Verbs

Choose the correct phrasal verbs from the list given below to replace the words underlined. Write the correct phrasal verbs in the boxes on the right-hand side changing the form where necessary. There is one extra phrasal verb in the list. [1×9=9]

1. Over-exercise causes harm to his health.

2. A very important point has been omitted from the paragraph.

3. You must obey your parents.

4. He had two teeth extracted yesterday.

5. The death penalty has been abolished in many European countries.

6. You must compensate for the loss.

7. I can not recollect your name.

8. His health declined for want of rest.

9. His proposal was rejected by the committee.

[ List: come of, set in, leave out, tell upon, carry out, take out, do away with, make up, break down, turn down, rule out, break up ]  

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